Site notes

11.05.2019 17:36

  • This site is first and foremost about using analog writing tools; not about collecting them.
  • It is written by me, Eivind; and you will not find it here if I don’t care about it.
  • I don’t like to product kickstarter; but I do link to more social or event ones; like the Kickstarter ones.
  • I only write about products that you can order and buy somewhere. No vintage stuff, and no kickstarters; and no limited editions unless it is a purely aesthetic difference between the edition and the regular one.
  • The main focus on this site is not the products, but more how to use them. Or the process of finding the best tools and ways to use them.
  • I only link to products that or sponsored. Because I’m lazy, and because I want you to pick where you want to buy then yourself. The exception is sponsors, aka people sent me a product for free for me to write about them.
  • Everything I have gotten for free or at a discount is listed at the Transparency page.