11.05.2019 17:36

This is a pen, paper and stationary blog, written by Eivind Hjertnes, where the topics isn’t review of every single pen, ink or notebook in the world, or thoughts about every single new Kickstarter than fits within the stationary category. It is about using the tools, and the journey to find the best. Some people are addicts, or collectors. I have many of the same interests. But I view getting something new in a different light. Everything I buy need to solve something that my current set of tools doesn’t. I have two pens, and I think I want a few more. I don’t have that many inks. I use three different notebooks, and I’m going to buy another. There is a place for a few different inks, a few different notebooks, and a few different pens, but that isn’t the same as having many boxes of pens, and unused inks and notebooks. This is a site about both the tools and how to use them, and how to expand your tool set, when needed, and only then.