The Pen Addict Ink

07.07.2019 21:33

I’ve been using the Pen Addict ink for a while now. It looks great. Both with a finer nib and with broader one. This is something I always look for in a ink, because some inks doesn’t look that great both.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot. But it doesn’t work the best in my Pilot pens, their feeds doesn’t flow as good as my other pens. So I use my regular Iro ink in them instead. But I use it in all my other pens.

This means that Rober Oyster migth be another ink brand that works well enough for me to get some of their inks.

But I’m not a huge of the bottles, they are not as horrible as the one Noodlers use. Still not great.

If you’re looking for a great orange ink, I’d give the Pen Addict ink a shot.