Buy with a use in mind

30.06.2019 20:23

I have written about this before, and I’m doing it again because I think it is important.

When you are going to buy something, have a sue for it, a reason for you owning it before you buy it.

I see a lot of cool pens each month, but I never buy any of them compared to how many I see. I get maybe one pen a year.

Like when I got the YStudio pen I got it because I thought it would be a great pocket pen. I know a lot of people just buy stuff and try to find a way it is useful when they have it. Every time I have done that it have ended up being something I have at my desk, until I put it away somewhere gathering dust until I throw it out.

But if I wait until I see “X would be really great for Y” then it usually end up being muc more producutive. Somtime I don’t continue using it after a while. But I have a thing I want to test it out for by the point it show up in mail.