Ystudio portable brassing

05.05.2019 19:23

I recently got a new pen. A YStudio Portable fountainpen; medium nib, the black one of course.

It is a brass pen, that use a standard cartridge and a standard nib. It comes with a converter, so you can just ink it up with your favourite ink. And a lot of companies like Franklin Chrisoph make nibs that fit it. I have not done that yet, but I might in the future. But I like the standard steel nib in it.

It looks really cool, and I bet it will look even coole ras some of the finish starts to wear off. It feels like unboxing an Apple product when you take the cap off, a lot resistance in the good way. And it comes with this leather string you can thread through a whole in the cap.

I think it is a great pen to have in your pocket. It is not a large pen, but not that small either, and the string is really useful when using it on the go, because you can just let the cap dangle from your thumb while writing.

Also it is heavy enough for you to never wonder where the hell it went.

A great pen, and I wonder why I havent gotten it before.