My pen and paper stash

21.04.2019 15:50

As anyone who have read this site for a while might guess, I try to keep things minimal and I try to keep a minimal stash of unused notebooks.

  • Pencils. I buy a significant amount of pencils when I order, but then I don’t order new ones before I’m about to run out. The reason for this is that I have to order from the US to get what I want and it isn’t a huge difference in shipping if I buy two 12 packs or two 144 packs.
  • Notebooks: the notebooks I use are available from a Norwegian web site so I don’t keep a lot of spares. I get three LT1917 Bullet Journals when I start the last one, I buy a handfull of Travelers Notebook refills when I start the last one, and I buy some packs of Field Notes when I have a couple left, and the same goes for DotPads.
  • Ink: I get a new bottle when the current one is almost empty. It is too easy to get into a situation with inks where you have more than you can expect to use for the rest of your life.