Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method

30.12.2018 18:11

After reading this book, I realize that it might not have been for me. At least, it got me to try a proper Bullet Journal system once again. A little bit closer to the “official” one this time. But I have many times in my life used a A5 LT or a Travelers Notebook to run my life.

I liked Part 2 of the book a lot. This is the explaination of the system itself. It was straight forward and the first time I have read about Bullet Journal where I feel like I know exactly what do to afterwards.

I have some huge problems with the current and former version of the website. The short version is that I think it is optimized for SEO, rather than usability.

I did not enjoy the rest of the book. Like I said in the beginning, it might be because it is not for me. My main problem with it is that it feels like a lot of pages, a lot of bullshit to sell my on the system.

Agan, it is probably not for me. And I don’t regret byuing the book, and I would buy it again.