Some thoughts about nibs

17.12.2018 09:00

A little bit of history. The Pilot G2 0.7 was the pen that got me into better pens. And when that happened I soon figured out two things: I don’t like scratchy, and I like a thick solid line much better than a thin one. And I never questioned this much as I moved into fountain pens. And I still like thicker lines better than thin ones. I still like wet pens better than dry ones. And I still like a not scratchy nib better than a scratchy.

I have a Kaweco pen with a medium nib that feels a lot finer than most of the medium nibs I have used before.

Let me be perfectly clear, it is not what I prefer, but it is not bad. And there are some stuff I like about it. For example how I have a lot more control over my writing because a finer nib will naturally be more scratchy.

I might get more pens with a finer nib in the future, or I might not.