Syrringes for refilling

10.12.2018 09:00

At some point I bought a bulb syrringe and a pack of two regular syrringes from Goulet Pens. I think they are some of the most useful tools I have as a fountain pen user.

A bulb syrringe is this rubber thing you can fill with water or air to make it a hell of a lot easier to flush a fountain pen FAST. You could do the same thing in the sink, but it would take a hell of a lot longer.

It makes it easier, and faster to clean a cartridge / converter pen, and the result is that I do it more often because it it easier.

Then you have the regular syrringe. Or it is not like the one your doctor uses, but it looks the same. You can’t actually pierce your skin with it because it is flat.

I use this syrringe for two things: refilling used cartridges in pens where I consider the coverters useless. I’m looking at you Kaweco. And for refilling converters, because I like to have them as full as possible.

The cartridge part is self explainatory, you have empty one, so you take the syrringe, fill it with water and stick the needle into the hole and press water in until it is clear. Then you take out the water with the syrringe, fill the syrringe with ink and then use it to fill the used cartridge with new ink.

But I also use the same trick to properly fill my converters. This is because if you fill them like they intend to they often are between half full and 23 full. So I just fill them all the way up and stick them into the pen.

I have links to the stuff I use below.

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This is why I usually don’t link to products.