Index Cards. What are they good for?

26.11.2018 09:00

The first thing I start to do when I get some new piece of stationary is to start experimenting to find out what I like to use it for and not, and then I start to compare to what I currently use for that and after a while I figure out what the current “best thing” is for everything.

There are three things I use Index Cards for these days:

  • Capture.
  • As a heavy duty tool for task management.
  • To bring notes into meetings.

I love using Index Cards as a capture method, because I write it down, and then I process it at a later point, and I can just throw it away. No crossing out or anything like that. Sometimes, like now, when I need to write a couple of blog posts before I leave town for a few days, I have taken two cards and written down the title of both of them on its own card. It is a method I use when there is something that is more important than anything else. I write it down and put it down next to the keyboard. The third thing is that sometimes I need to remember a couple of things in a meeting, then I often just put it down on some cards and bring that.

The running theme on where I think cards are great are for stuff where you can sum it up in a few words or a short sentence and you are going to get rid of it as soon as possible. But anything longer than a short sentence is better served by a small or large notebook.