Daily Carry

19.11.2018 09:00

I thought it was about time to write another daily carry post. My current ink is a Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-shikibu, and I use that in all the pens in current rotation.

My current pocket carry is the Belroy Cover + Filed Notes, some Index cards and a short pencil, when a pencil gets shorter than the height of the case I take them out of rotation and use them for this purpose.

I use my pouch to carry pencils, I currently have some Golden Bears, some Blackwing Volume 54 and some Blackwing Pearl.

I carry some new Field Notes, my Vanihsing Point and my Lamy 2000 in my Hightower, and I also use my TWSBI Eco’s, and Pilot Metal Falcon; but I don’t carry them. I use them from my desk.

The notebook situation otherwise are changing. I’m stilling working my way through the last rest of my LT1917 stash, before I’m going over to using travelers notebooks again.