FN-05: The Field Notes Pencil

02.07.2018 02:00

The Field Notes Pencil. It is actually awesome. This pencil belong on my Top 3 list, together with the Golden Bear and the 602. I have gotten a few of them for free with various Field Notes orders over the years without paying much if any attention to it.

This is a round pencil with a #2 core. This means that it is great for writing and really comfortable to write with. It give you a core that is smooth, but not so soft that you have to sharpen it all the time. And the round case makes it very comfortable to hold. It is the most comfortable pencil I have used. The core is great, but I prefer the Golden Bear core. I’m not sure why, but it feels a little bit smother.

Anyways. A fantastic pencil that everyone should check out.