My Rules

07.11.2017 01:00

```text I have mentioned “I have a rule against” a few times while writing this site. This will be a summary of them. ```

  • Buying stuff: I’m a minimalist, and I do therefore try to minimise the amount of stuff I own and use. And therefore I try to only have notebooks, inks, pens etc that are useful for me. If I test out a notebook, I make sure that it is something I can use, even though I prefer other notebooks. For example the Rhodia Webnotebook, it isn’t my preference, but it is still close enough to what I usually use for me to use it from page 1 until the end
  • Notebooks: every notebook I review and test on this site, will be used to its fullest, and if my views on it change after my initiallreview I’ll write about it. I never stash stuff away before I have used it up.
  • Inks: I limit the amount of ink I have on my desk, because I feel very uncomfortable about the idea to have enough ink to last longer than a life time. I currently own two a little bit over half full bottles and one almost empty.
  • Pens: I want to have enough pens in rotation so that I can always refill my pen case with a full pen when needed. Most of them are cheap, and two of them are expensive.
  • ```