Digital or analogue?

06.07.2016 02:00

```text One of the questions I ask myself the most often is: digital or analogue? ```

```text I tend to favour analogue, unless the digital option have some significant advantages. ```

```text For example, my current favourite app: Duolingo. It makes learning a language fun and approachable; something I have never seen in a text book. That is a significant advantage compared to the analogue. ```

```text Or my digital cameras have an advantage over it’s analogue parents, by letting me take a lot of pictures without going broke by developing or buying film. ```

```text E-books isn’t for me. I only buy them when a paper books isn’t available. My main problem with e-books as they are in most cases at the moment is that they don’t provide anything that a paper book doesn’t have. The only advantages I can see as a general rule is: lower delivery time and doesn’t require as much space. My problem with e-books is that everything disappears in the list. Either unread books or books that you enjoyed any would have read again if you saw it in the book shelf. ```

```text The thing about digital or anything that wants to replace what is needs to be better, and not just a little bit better, but a much better alternative to win. ```

```text Some people are 100% digital, while others are 100% analogue; but I expect most people to be somewhere in the middle. ```

```text I go for what works the best for me, and I need to question everything in order to find what works the best. ```