Good vs Good Enough

01.07.2016 02:00

```text I’m writing this with my first fountain pen. My Pilot Metropolitan. A pen that I have used and abused for over three years. And it have been on the short list of being replaced for a while(Just waiting for Gulet to get the colour I want back in stock). ```

```text My only real complaint about it is the lack of nib options. ```

```text This is not the kind of pen I expect to last forever, like a Lamy 2000 or a Pilot Vanishing Point. But it is still one of the ones I enjoy the most. And lasting forever isn’t really the point. ```

```text There is something to buying a good pen that lasts for the rest of your life. Btu there is also something to going for that cheaper option that is good enough. Just get a few of them, and replace them as they wear down. ```

```text A Lamy 2000 is a good if not excellent pen, while a Pilot Metropolitan is good enough. ```

```text Neither is right or wrong. It just comes down the personal preference, and budget. ```