Rotating inks

27.05.2016 02:00



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```text Having a lot of different inks is one of those fountain pen geek problems that most people don’t get. ```

```text Some people have different inks in different pens, while others just use the same in all of their pens. I usually have the same ink in all of my pens because then I can just pick up the closest pen in my cup when my current pen runs out of ink. ```

```text I try to use the same ink for longer periods. This is to avoid having many bottles that are almost empty. And I try to use up what I have of one colour before I move on to the next one. ```

```text For me, the same goes for notebooks and inks. I like to complete something before I move on to the next. ```

```text I obviously don’t use the whole bottle before I move on to the next. The exception is, as mentioned above, when I have two similar colours. ```

```text The way it works is that when I get something new I ink up my pens as they run out, and test out the ink with all of my pens for a while. And then I just rotate between what I have. I usually keep to one colour for 6-8 weeks. ```