Quality as a virtue.

13.05.2016 02:00

```text Some people buy the cheap one while other people buy the good one. ```

```text You have probably done the same thing. A few times through your life; if you are like me, and like to get quality products. You have to justify it. Either by necessity or value. That means, necessity: you either need to expensive one to get your stuff done, or it will make it easier, value: it might look more expensive but you will save money in the long run. ```

```text Both, one or neither can be true; it all depends on the situation. ```

```text I have stopped or I do at least try to not do it anymore. This is because I think that buying quality is a virtue by itself. ```

```text How can quality be a virtue? Or, what is good about quality? ```

```text Cheap products often entails things that we don’t like, that we at least shouldn’t like. ```

  • Bad working conditions for those who make it
  • Bad for the environment
  • Lower quality
  • More expensive in the long run
  • It isn’t enjoyable to use
  • Bad design.
  • ```

    ```text These are often true, but not always; and not always all or none of them. ```

    ```text A quality product is almost always more expensive to buy, compared to a cheap one. This means that it is easier to do the right thing; if they want to. Like giving people a decent wage, make sure it is sustainable and make sure it is a good quality product. ```

    ```text You can go out there today and buy one of almost anything that isn’t related to technology and use it for the rest of your life; if you buy a quality product and take proper care of it. ```

    ```text If you buy a good pair of boots in your early 20s, and take care of them, you’ll probably save a fortune by time you retire. More expensive at that point, but it becomes cheaper and cheaper for every year that passes. ```

    ```text Yes, money and value is important when you come down to it. But I consider that a bonus; or one out of many things that is great about it. ```

    ```text This is what I think is great about quality products: ```

  • Less waste
  • You support local and non-local, small and large businesses that focus on doing the “right” thing.
  • They usually look and work much better.
  • You take a stand and tell the world that you actually care.
  • ```