Having a notebook on your desk

06.05.2016 02:00


```text I started doing something new few weeks ago. I’ve had this A4 notebook laying around for a few months, and I want using it for anything. I found it at the same time as I was thinking about how to write more in general. ```

```text This notebook will never leave this desk. that is the basic idea. So that I have something to write in, when I feel like it, without having to locate my bag or anything. ```

```text Why? Well it is just about removing anything that can be a reason to not write. I just site down at my desk, open the notebook and take a pen(usually my Lamy 2000) and write. ```

```text Does it work? It works were well this far. I have written much more per week than I have in a very long time. ```

```text This might sound stupid to a lot of people, but I use the same kind of tricks on all kinds of things that I love to do, like writing, photography, but I find it so hard to do it. ```

```text Writing: make sure I always have a notebook at my desk. ```

```text Photography: always have a camera with me. ```

```text The goal is to make sure it is as easy as possible, to just do a little bit more every month. ```