On Kickstarter pens and notebooks.

17.04.2016 02:00

```text I have written about this before, but like many other things I just mentioned it in passing without going that much into it. ```

```text I see interesting projects on kickstarter and alike more or less every week. Kickstarter projects and limited edition products are two things I’m not fund of. ```

```text I don’t mind limited edition stuff as long as the only difference is the aesthetic. ```

```text I’m not a collector, I’m a user. That means that if I loose or break something I love – I’ll get another of the same model. The same goes for notebooks. I buy more of the same most of the time. ```

```text Some people love to pledge and make new and interesting projects happen, and I get it. I’m not that interesting most of the time. The exception is companies that use kickstarter to get a company started. And not just make a few of “X”. ```

```text My interest in what comes out of Kickstarter is when they are done with that phase and becomes a real company. Not many of them get that far. But if they make something good, I’ll be more than happy to support them by buying their product when they come that far. ```