Your first fountain pen.

06.04.2016 02:00

```text I have reviewed the three fountain pens that I personally consider to be the best beginner fountain pens. Which one you should get is a difficult question. But I’m going to give some short but straight to the point on why you want it, or don’t want it. ```

  • Go for the TWSBI Eco if you aren’t afraid of buying ink in bottles.
  • Go for the Pilot Metropolitan if you want something good and cheap as a starting point.
  • Go for the Lamy Safari if you want to test different nibs to figure out what you prefer.
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    ```text The best buy of the three is in my opinion the TWSBI Eco, while the Pilot Metropolitan is the cheapest place to start, and the Lamy Safari is the thing you want, if you want to experiment; like you did in college. ```