03.04.2016 02:00

```text There used to be two pens that where the beginner fountain pen; the Lamy Safari and the Pilot Metropolitan. Made by two great companies. And Lamy Safari was the beginner fountain pen before that. ```

```text Both of them are highly compromised pens, but most people forgive that when it comes to the Metropolitan because it is much cheaper than the Safari. You can get a TWSBI Eco for the same price, and I would recommend that if you don’t have any problems with buying bottled ink. ```

```text I ordered my Lamy Safari a week after I got my first fountain pen: the Pilot Metropolitan. My relationship with this pen is a love-hate one – at the same time. The thing I love about it is how “goofy” it looks. It is this weird plastic thing. And you have a wide variety of colours and styles to chose from. You have a lot more nibs to pick from, than the Metropolitan, and you can just get a pack of all the different Lamy nibs and test out what you prefer. It is a fantastic pen for this exact reason. ```

```text I think it is a little bit more expensive than it should be. But my main issue with the pen is the grip section. This is not a Safari problem, but a problem I have with all the cheaper Lamy pens. They have formed the grip to match how you are supposed to hold the pen, and that is fine, by itself, and very useful for when you learn how to write. But, that only works well for right handed people. Most left handed writers like myself, just ignore it and hold it as they please. It is possible, and it works okay. But it has always annoyed the living shit out of me. ```

```text Lamy nibs are still to this day the best I have ever used. And I would without doubt carry a few of these if they fixed the damn grip section. ```