Pen Addict Review of the Pilot Stargazer.

29.02.2016 01:00

```text Susan Pigott: ```


The Stargazer is an impressive little pen. It is well made and has more decorative features than some more expensive pens. It would make an excellent pocket pen and/or small notebook pen. The cap snaps on securely, and the pen is small and substantial enough to be an EDC.


```text Interesting pen, I have gotten an interest for Pilot pens recently, not anything beyond the “window shopping”-stage yet. I like how it looks(I would have gone for the black model though) but the thing that makes it a non starter for me is the converter. The ink capacity is not even close to be good enough for me. ```

```text There are two important factors that plays a role when I decide if a pen is something I am going to consider buying or not. It is how it looks, and it is the utilitarian aspect. how comfortable is it to use it & how much ink does it hold? I’m not going to buy a pen for $150, when it holds the same amount of ink as a Metropolitan, when I could get a Lamy 2000 for the same amount of money. ```