Goulet Review of the Lamy Charged Green ink.

29.02.2016 01:00

```text Goulet Pens: ```


It’s ink review time! Madigan here, reviewing the newest ink in the Lamy line up, Lamy Charged Green. Sarah used it in Monday Matchup this week, paired with the Lamy Charged Green Al-Star. I’m a little bit in love with the pen and was hoping that the ink would be like last year’s CopperOrange, which I loved so much, I bought a bottle! I was hoping for a light green with some dark green shading.

Unfortunately, this ink was closer to the NeonLime ink that went with last year’s NeonLime Safari. No, it isn’t quite as neon, but it is such a light hue! Read on to hear about my experience.


```text Interesting colour, but the thing that always makes me not adding or straight out removing Lamy inks from my shopping list is the fact that their dry time isn’t good enough. They have some inks that I think look fantastic, and some that are just “meh”. And they never manage to get it right. I don’t mind a longer dry time, even though 30 seconds is beyond ridiculous, if the colour is fantastic. But the dry time should and must be almost none if the colour is in the “meh” category. ```