Gourmet Pens

14.02.2016 01:00

```text Azizah Asgarali: ```


YES. YES YES. I wish this notebook was easier to buy online, but it’s perfect for me. Although Nanami Paper offers the Seven Seas notebook, it may not be the most practical purchase for overseas buyers, so perhaps this is an alternative.


```text I won’t buy it for a number of reasons. Get it to JetPens or GouletPens and I’ll consider it. The ordering process is a little bit too much of a hassle for me. ```

```text This looks like a excellent notebook that will take more or less any pen or writing instrument – if long dry time isn’t a issue for you. It isn’t too bad with a finer nib, but it is a hassle with a very wet nib. ```

```text My Hobonichi Planner has the same paper, and the only time I have seen any bleed through was when I was trying to see how much it would take. The answer is: stupid amounts. And that is very impressive when you see how thin the paper is. ```