13.02.2016 01:00

```text The first “fancy” pen I ordered from JetPens, after I started to listen to The Pen Addict Podcast, then on the 70Decibels network, was The Retro 51. I fell in love with that pen straight away. It was beautiful, I loved how well it was built, and most of all how the writing experience was. ```

```text I had my first one for a year, and I wrote a lot with it, before I lost it when someone stole my jacket. And I ordered a new one. The non-fountain pen market is kind of strange. You have tons of fantastic pens, but most of them look as impressive as a regular bic. You can go up to the Retro 51, it costs around $20, and you get a fantastic pen. Where can you go form there? Well, you have the Lamy 2000 Rollerball, and that is more or less it. ```

```text The Retro 51 comes in many different styles and colours, there should be something for everyone. It comes with a Schmidt rollerball refill. There is no doubt that it is a fantastic refill, and I think it is the best non-fountain pen refill that exists. But, you need to do some research, and look for some other options if you prefer a thin line. ```

```text This is the only bad thing about the Retro 51, they have taken the Apple approach. You either take what they have decided on, or you have to figure it out for yourself. ```

```text I try to always have a non-fountain pen with me for various reasons(bad paper or when someone needs to borrow a pen), and this is that pen. ```