Reconsidering Moleskine | The Well-Appointed Desk

10.02.2016 01:00

```text Ana: ```


Part of what spurred my interest in all this Moleskine business was when I started using my Moleskine XL for a daily sketchbook late last year. I’ve warmed back up to the possibilities of the Moleskine notebooks. I’ve carried the XL everyday, to and from work, doodled, written, stamped, scribbled, watercolored and basically treated it as the workhorse object it was designed to be treated. To no ill effects. For three months. I’m happy to keep drawing in it. In fact I look forward to continuing to fill the pages and THAT is why we have notebooks. This goes back to the whole reason I keep a notebook — so that I write and draw and make marks


```text Moleskine isn’t the best. The funny thing is that almost all the stationary geeks I know about started out with Moleskine. I don’t personally use any Moleskine product at the moment, and they aren’t fountain pen friendly, but they are always the thing I go for when I run out of Field Notes, just because they are available everywhere, and I know exactly how the paper is, for better or for worse. ```

```text The price versus quality with Moleskine is out of whack, but still, they are an option, not a good one, and not the worst one, if you don’t use fountain pens. ```

```text The two pens I used in my Moleskine days were a Retro 51 and a Pilot G2. One side note: the Sketch notebooks that Moleskine makes works very well with any kind of pen. ```