09.02.2016 01:00

```text I ordered a TWSBI Eco with the 1.1 Stub Nib, when I ordered a pile of refills for my Midori Travelers Notebook and two bottles of ink. I’ll get back to the Ink, when I have had the time to giving it a proper test; aka using them for a while. ```

```text I went with the black model. ```

```text As always: I’ll do a proper review once I have used the pen for a few weeks. But these are my first impressions: ```

  • Design: looks like a cheaper version of the more expensive TWSBI models. My only problems with the design is the cap and the part you twist to operate the piston.
  • Feel: It feels great, and I actually like it a little bit better than the 580AL; the grip section is much more comfortable.
  • Nib: I love the stub nib. This might be a new rabbit hole for me.
  • ```

    ```text I think this is the best value pen I have ever bought. It isn’t something I would recommend for a beginner as their first pen. But it could be a very good second pen, as long as the person isn’t scared of buying a bottle of ink. ```

    ```text When I think about it, I might go as far as I would rather get three of these than the 580. But I’ll get back into that when I writer a proper review. ```