The Gentleman Stationer

01.02.2016 01:00

```text The Gentleman Stationer: ```


When most people think of Lamy’s gold nibs, they think of the Lamy 2000, another personal favorite of mine.  Lamy’s “standard” 14K nibs are often–and, in my opinion, unjustifiably–overlooked.  The extra-fine nib on my Lamy Studio is relatively wide for an extra-fine nib, and writes more like a “fine” from most other brands.   The nib is, however, springy and smooth.  It’s also slightly stubbish, in that it offers a touch of line variation and gives my writing an italic look and feel. To me, Lamy’s interchangeable stainless steel nibs offer good quality and exceptional value in entry-level pens, but this 14K gold nib has frankly blown me away.  At around $150, both the Lamy 2000 and the Studio make great options for a “first gold-nibbed pen,” though I must say, I prefer the Studio’s extra-fine to the extra-fine on my Lamy 2000.  I suspect it’s because the lack of a hood on the Studio gives the nib the additional springiness, making it very pleasant to write with.


```text Another Lamy pen made it to my pen wish list. I haven’t tried one, but this is a good option, if you either don’t like the hooded nib on the 2000, or don’t want a piston filler. ```