My review of the Pilot Metropolitan

01.02.2016 01:00

```text I got my Pilot Metropolitan almost three years ago. And I still use it more or less every week. There are two popular beginner fountain pens the Pilot Metropolitan and the Lamy Safari. My personal opinion is that the Pilot is better because it looks far better and the Lamy Safari has a moulded grip section which makes it very difficult to use for left handed people, like myself. ```

```text The great thing about the pen is that you have a wide variety of colours and two different nibs: medium and fine. Most people can find something they like. You can get the pen for around $15 and a converter for it is another $5. You get a lot of pen for the money. ```

```text It is a very well designed pen, there is one exception, I’ll get to that in a while, and it looks like a lot more expensive than $15. ```

```text I have two minor issues with the pen. My two other fountain pens have piston fillers and have a large ink capacity. So I might be a little bit spoiled. But I find the ink capacity of the converter for this pen to be way too small. My test is to see if I can get through a day with it or not. Either at work or while studying. Which means around 10 A4 pages. ```

```text The Pilot Metropolitan can get me through half a day. ```

```text The other “thing” about this pen is that there is a uncomfortable and sharp edge between the grip section and the pen body. It can get a little bit annoying during long writing sessions. ```

```text I still think it is a great pen. The solid casing and how tight the cap sits makes it a great pocket pen. My only problem with it is the ink capacity, so my advice is to either have two of them or to use cartridges, if you also think the ink capacity is too low. ```