28.01.2016 01:00

```text I initially wrote my first impressions, not long after I got this pen. And now I feel more comfortable writing a proper review now that I have used it for a few weeks. ```

```text I write a lot during the day, I manage all of my tasks in Field Notes, I manage high level tasks and meetings in my Hobonichi Planner and I write long form in my Midori Travelers Notebook. And when it comes down to it, I put pens in two different categories: the pens I enjoy using for long writing sessions, and the pens that are good for writing a short line here and there. This pen falls in the former category. ```

```text You get a lot of pen for the money with the 580AL. I love the you have to unscrew the cap, and it makes it a excellent pen to have in the pen holder for the Midori Travelers Notebook(it drives me nuts that I always uncap my Lamy 2000 when I try to get it out of it). It holds a lot of ink, and the writing experience is very good for the price. ```

```text But, it isn’t perfect. The grip section is a little bit slippery, and it took a few days to get used to it. This is a area where they can and should improve on in the future. And I have also experienced that the screw that pulls the piston up and down some times slips; where I have to screw it all the way down before I can pull it up again. The pens usually starts writing straight away without any issue, no matter if it lays flat or standing up; unless it is almost empty. ```

```text It is a very nice upgrade if you are coming from either a Pilot Metropolitan or a Lamy Safari; the Lamy nib might be a little bit smother. And it is a very cool, and unique extra pen for your arsenal. ```