Ink Review

15.12.2015 01:00

```text My dive into different kinds of fountain pen inks have been very limited. I’m not the kind of guy that buys ten different bottles of ink. I get one or two bottles, and then I use one up, before I move on to the next one. ```

```text I got two bottles when I bought my Lamy 2000(Noodlers Bernanke Black and Lamy Black Ink), and I have a few others things on my wish list, for when I order ink the next time. ```

```text Noodlers Bernanke Black is the ink I have been using with my Lamy 2000 since I got it January last year, until today, when I cleaned it, and filled it up with standard Lamy black ink(because I ran out of the Noodlers a few days ago). ```

```text I think the Bernanke Black Ink is fantastic, for what it is. The reason I got it was because of its fast dry time. It is very hard to find a black ink that dries fast. Something I think is very important, especially for us lefties. That is the reason I recommend this ink for lefties and anyone else that wants a good black ink that dries very fast. ```

```text My personal opinion is that the other inks I have used(mostly Pilot and Lamy cartridge ink) have a much more pleasing and blacker black. It isn’t bad, and the short dry time makes it well worth it. And my impression is that I get a much smoother writing experience with my Lamy 2000 using this ink compared to for example the Lamy ink. ```