Your first fountain pen

02.12.2015 01:00

```text There are so many different things you need to find out, when you move into fountain pens, and there are so many different pens to pick from. But I think there are two pens you should get to start out with. Both of them are cheap: The Lamy Safari and The Pilot Metropolitan. ```

```text I think the two of them are good for very different reasons. The Pilot is a overall very well built and fantastic pen, and The Lamy Safari have a much better nib. The reason I think you should get both is to find out what you prefer. The big problem with the Safari is the grip section, it isn’t that good for left handed writers. ```

```text But I think the Lamy Safari is a very good pen to use to figure out what kind of nibs you like. ```

```text Go for a medium nib, unless you already have a strong preference. The journey starts with your first fountain pen. I like a smooth and very wet nib that leans a wide line, while others like a more scratchy and narrow line, that enables them to write tiny. It all depends on your preference. ```

```text Most of you do probably already have a preference when it comes to width, are you buying the 0.7, 0.5 or are you one of the crazy 0.3 people? ```

```text There is only one way to find it out, and it will probably change over time. ```

```text Let’s get back to my point. I think it is good to get both pens to experience two very different pens, from the two biggest names in fountain pens. I still use both of them, and it was with my Lamy Safari that I tried many different nibs to figure out what I preferred. ```

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