Nanami Paper Seven Seas Writer Review

22.11.2015 01:00

```text Jeff Abbott, over at The Pen Addict: ```


Tomoe River paper took the world (well, a very small portion of the world) by storm a couple years ago for its phenomenal paper. Basically, the paper that Tomoe River produces is super thin, but handles fountain pen nibs and inks like nothing else. You’re hard pressed to find something that will bleed through or feather on its worst day. Brad wrote a bit about it back in 2013, and I’ve never had a bad thing to say about it. I love Tomoe River paper.
Dry time is incredibly fast, but you will smudge or mark up other pages if you close the book just after writing. Nanami was nice enough to include a perfectly-sized piece of blotter paper that you can use to keep that from happening, but I’m reckless and live a life a danger. The paper is thin, so there’s plenty of show-through on the backs of pages, but actual bleed-through is extremely rare, regardless of the pen/ink.


```text This notebook looks very interesting. I’m always on the look after the perfect notebook. I think Field Notes is the perfect(or perfect enough) notebook to have in your back pocket. But I haven’t found the perfect fit for all the other sizes. They are unfortunately out of stock, but I will get one to test it out as soon as I can. ```