Four fantastic pen blogs

18.11.2015 01:00

```text There are many other great pen blogs out there, this is just a short list with some of my favourites. ```

  • The Pen Addict. I have been reading The Pen Addict for a long time; I found it when I started to listen to the podcast with the same name. It is a fantastic resource, and I always check up what Brad(or any of the the other contributors) have written about it before buying a new notebook or pen.
  • The Cramped is another fantastic pen & paper blog by Patrick Rhone. Mr. Rhone is one of, if not my favourite web personality. The thing I love about The Cramped is that it isn’t about reviews and the new hot notebook or pen, it is about how stuff are used.
  • The Well Appointed Desk is the blog of Ana a.k.a “The third host of The Pen Addict Podcast”. It is a fantastic blog, and the thing I love about it is all the great links I find there.
  • The Finer Point is the newest pen blog I subscribe to. I think it is very good, interesting reviews, even though most of the stuff isn’t new, but I always value another point of view before buying something; especially if it is expensive.
  • ```