Three excellent fountain pens

17.11.2015 01:00

```text The first step into fountain pens is both weird and scary, but it is also a lot of fun. I’m going to recommend three different fountain pens that I think are great. Two of them are great cheap pens, while the last one is my favourite pen(it is a little bit expensive). ```

  • Pilot Metropolitan is the pen I think is the best starter pen out there. Other people disagree, and think pen number two on this list is better. I disagree, because that pen is more or less useless for left handed people, like myself. The reason I love this pen is that you get everything you need for $14.50: pen, a cartridge and a okay converter. It is the perfect starter set. It is available in fine and medium nib.
  • Lamy Safari is another great option. You have a greater set of available colours and nibs available. But I don’t think it is the best starter pen. It is almost twice as expensive as the pen above($28), and you don’t get a converter with it. But most of all: this pen is really hard to use for left handed people. But when it comes to it all, I think you get much more for your money by going for the Pilot Metropolitan, because the pen is built better and you get more in the box. But the Lamy Safari is a great pen, especially if you want more options than what the Pilot give you. But be aware, lefties.
  • Lamy 2000 is my favourite pen, it is a expensive pen $165, and I don’t recommend anyone buying it without trying it in real life. I love this pen more than anything else I own. It looks cool and distinctive, and writes like a dream. I don’t recommend getting this one before you know that fountain pens are for you, but I do recommend it, if you are looking for a really good pen.
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    ```text One final note, before I let you spend some money. Don’t waste money on cartridges, get a converter, or go for a pen with a piston filler and buy bottled ink. You save so much money, and you have access to a much wider variety in colours and other properties. ```