Why do I care?

15.11.2015 01:00

```text You are probably wondering why I care, if you aren’t already a pen and paper geek. And there are a number of reasons to care. I’m only going into two of them here. ```

```text The first one is that you take much better care of something you have spent a little bit of money one. I used to be one of the people that lost my pens everywhere. I used to buy cheap pens, and I got a big box of them, and probably lost one more or less every other day. And all of that stopped when I started to buy something a little bit nicer. I think it all started when I upgraded to writing with Pilot G2’s and a Retro 51. The Retro isn’t expensive, it costs $20, but it looks and feels nice. That year is the year I spent the least on pens. ```

```text You don’t loose something that you have spent a little bit more money on, and you don’t lose something that is a little bit nicer. ```

```text The second reason to care is about using something as much as possible. When you have a notebook and a pen that you really enjoy to use. Like for example me, and my Lamy 2000 and my Field Notes, I love using them. And the result is that I use them way more, than I otherwise would have. ```

```text I can’t wait for a reason to use them. ```

```text The last reason I care is because my pen is one of the most important tools in my life. I use it all the time. Everything from taking notes to writing down tasks and so on. I spend a lot of time using it. ```

```text This is why I care. I care because good tools can save you money in the long term, I care because tools you enjoy using get you to use them as much as possible, and I care because I think it is a good idea to have good tools when you use them for so many hours each week. ```