Field Notes

16.11.2015 01:00

```text There are many things I love about Field Notes, but there are one thing that is more amusing than anything else, and that is the inside of the backside of the cover. The Practical Applications section. It is such a fantastic combination of good ways to use Field Notes to the most funny and amusing applications ever. All of them are good ways to use the notebooks; some of them are formulated in a more serious tone than others. ```

```text Take a look, I think it alone is a good enough reason to buy a pack. ```

```text ```


16.11.2015 01:00

```text Welcome to The Ink Smudge. This is a site about Stationary, and more specifically about finding the best tools and the best way to use them. I used to write about this every now and then on my personal site, but I never was a fit with the rest of the content. So I decided a few months ago to spin it off, and to create a site just for this stuff. ```

```text The great thing about that is that I’m going to write a lot more about it than before. I have a lot of great stuff lined up, or I do at least think it is great. And a lot more stuff on my to-do list. ```

```text Stay tuned. ```

```text Please, click the subscribe button if you are a RSS person, or follow either my personal twitter: @hjertnes or the twitter feed for this site: @theinksmudge to get notified when I post new content. ```

Why do I care?

15.11.2015 01:00

```text You are probably wondering why I care, if you aren’t already a pen and paper geek. And there are a number of reasons to care. I’m only going into two of them here. ```

```text The first one is that you take much better care of something you have spent a little bit of money one. I used to be one of the people that lost my pens everywhere. I used to buy cheap pens, and I got a big box of them, and probably lost one more or less every other day. And all of that stopped when I started to buy something a little bit nicer. I think it all started when I upgraded to writing with Pilot G2’s and a Retro 51. The Retro isn’t expensive, it costs $20, but it looks and feels nice. That year is the year I spent the least on pens. ```

```text You don’t loose something that you have spent a little bit more money on, and you don’t lose something that is a little bit nicer. ```

```text The second reason to care is about using something as much as possible. When you have a notebook and a pen that you really enjoy to use. Like for example me, and my Lamy 2000 and my Field Notes, I love using them. And the result is that I use them way more, than I otherwise would have. ```

```text I can’t wait for a reason to use them. ```

```text The last reason I care is because my pen is one of the most important tools in my life. I use it all the time. Everything from taking notes to writing down tasks and so on. I spend a lot of time using it. ```

```text This is why I care. I care because good tools can save you money in the long term, I care because tools you enjoy using get you to use them as much as possible, and I care because I think it is a good idea to have good tools when you use them for so many hours each week. ```

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