My pen and paper stash

21.04.2019 15:50

As anyone who have read this site for a while might guess, I try to keep things minimal and I try to keep a minimal stash of unused notebooks.

  • Pencils. I buy a significant amount of pencils when I order, but then I don’t order new ones before I’m about to run out. The reason for this is that I have to order from the US to get what I want and it isn’t a huge difference in shipping if I buy two 12 packs or two 144 packs.
  • Notebooks: the notebooks I use are available from a Norwegian web site so I don’t keep a lot of spares. I get three LT1917 Bullet Journals when I start the last one, I buy a handfull of Travelers Notebook refills when I start the last one, and I buy some packs of Field Notes when I have a couple left, and the same goes for DotPads.
  • Ink: I get a new bottle when the current one is almost empty. It is too easy to get into a situation with inks where you have more than you can expect to use for the rest of your life.

Bullet Journaling with Dashplus

14.04.2019 18:06

For as long as I have been using notebooks for managing my life, close to ten years by now, I have used Patrick Rhone’s Dashplus during most of that. It does more or less the same as the bullet journal notation. I have decided that I’m going to do my Bullet Journaling with Dash/plus instead of the standard notation. I changed this a couple of months ago. Why? No particular reason, they are very similar and there are no advatages to one over the other. But there is one huge advantage to dash/plus for me, I have used it for so long that it would take me a really long time to unlearn it. p

Some minor adjustments to how I use my Seed

07.04.2019 20:43

I started out using both of the pen loops in the Seed, but I have since stopped doing that. I still carry two pens. But I keep on in the pocket on the outside instead. The reasons is that if I use both of them I have to use the inner most pen. Most of the time that is what I want to do, but sometimes I am using some other pen and it is kind of clumsy to have to take the inner most pen out to be able to write in my notebook.

Why I love the Golden Bear

31.03.2019 22:59

I just finished a pack of Blackwings, and I’m back with the Golden Bear. And I really love this pencil.

Having a soft pencil feels really good, but my personal favourite is something a little bit firmer close to a HB. And the GB is just that.

It is not expensive at all. You could get 15 blackwings or 144 Golden Bears.

The thing I love about it is that it is a really good pencil, similar quality to the Blackwings, but it is not as nice. The result is that it is a lot cheaper. That means that it is easy to just carry a lot of them without it feeling very expensive.

Desk notebook

22.03.2019 08:28

I love having a notebook on my desk where I work, currently just in the office, but I’d also have one in my home office if I worked there more than I do(close to nothing). The only requirements is that it is A5ish size, works with pencils and fountain pens, have dotgrid and ideally is the kind where I can just pull off used pages.

I ended up using Rhodia DotPads. They are awesome, and since I started to use them one of my team member have kind of taking the first step into our world by also ordering some DotPads.

I’m very happy with them. I never liked these notebooks as a regular noteobok, but they are awesome for disposable notes.

Fjellreven Foldstack No.2

17.03.2019 10:20

Fjellreven is a Swedish brand that is very popular here in Norway. We have a lot of their products. I personally own two of them a Foldstack No. 3 and Foldstack No. 3.

The No. 3 is one I have owned for a few yeras, it is the perfect bag when I just want to bring a few things, like a camera, a notebook for example.

Then after months of looking at different stuff, I finally ordered a new bag at the end of last year. Because the stuff I carry have changed a lot after I changed jobs. Before I carried my laptop, now I mainly carry stuff to do while I commute. So I got a Foldstack No. 2

It is a large general purpose messenger style bag. Two water bottle compartments on the outside, one on each side. A small compartment on the outside and the main compartment is divided in three parts.

It works great for the stuff I carry. And I have still not filled it all the way. I could probably fill it with more than I should carry in a messenger style bag.

Some modifications to how I bullet Journal

10.03.2019 10:41

So, I have modified some stuff about my Bullet Journal setup after about a month.

In the beginning I started to allocate a lot of pages to sections that I knew would change a lot. Like my future log and daily log. I still allocate some pages to it, but instead of being 10 I usually don’t give it more than four. And I have ditched the Index, because I never even looked at it.

I think this is because of how I always transition stuff to make sure I don’t have that much of a spread. As in the pages that contain open items are as few as possible. About once a week I sit down and spend up to an hour just moving stuff forward to deal with it.

One way to drive me nuts is by having some stuff I haven ’t done and then 10 pages of done stuff and so on.

My bullet journal setup

03.03.2019 11:42

This is about the tools, all the tools. And not about how I do it

So. I use the LT1917 A5 Bullet Journal notebooks. They are great, mostly the same as their regular A5 notebooks, except it says Bullet Journal, have three markers instead of two and it has some instructions for Bullet Journaling. They are great.

Then I use my two faourite fountain pens in it. My Pilot Vanishing Point and my Lamy 2000. I only use Pilot Iro inks, currently a purple one.

And I have a Seed cover I keep it all in. In the beginning I tried to get away with some cheaper solutions than the seed. But I ended up getting it because it is so much more convenient to just have one thing to bring somewhere, than many.

The free IKEA pencil

24.02.2019 19:54

I have seen these free pencils at IKEA every single time I’ve been there. Which is too many times.

This pencil is not something I would have bought for myself, it is a thin, short pencil. The casing does not feel that great. But the core is prefectly fine. Maybe a little bit too hard for my taste.

When you hear “that free pencil they give away at IKEA” you expect them to be far worse than what it is.

Lamy 2000 is still the king

17.02.2019 18:11

I own more pens than I far to admit, and most of them are fountain pens that are great. Any one of them would be a great only pen for me. And I have two pens that I carry every day: the Lamy 2000 and the Pilot Vanishing point. I guess I use them the same amount of time.

They have different strenghts. The Vanishing Point is very convenient. But the Lamy 2000 is the king. I just love that pen, it is my all the favourite pen design and the ink capacity is awesome. All of the put to the side, my favourite thing is how great it feels to write with. Unlike many fountain pens it doesn’t require any work before it starts writing.

If I lost all of my pens, I’d probably just get another Lamy 2000 and leave it at that.