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My Rules

I have mentioned “I have a rule against” a few times while writing this site. This will be a summary of them. Buying stuff: I’m a minimalist, and I do therefore try to minimise the amount of stuff I own and use. And therefore I try to only have notebooks, inks, pens etc that are useful for me. If I test out a notebook, I make sure that it is something I can use, even though I prefer other notebooks. Read On →

Another Review of the J. Herbin 1670 Caroube de Chypre

I got this bottle of ink from Pen Chalet for the purpose of reviewing it, and I did, but I was never that happy about the review. I’m not sure why, probably because this ink is so far removed from what I usually use. My typical ink in the beginning was black, I used the Lamy and Pilot cartridges for a very long time. And I loved them for the convenience. Read On →

Diamine Tropical Glow: ink review.

I received an ink sample of this ink from Tudos.no free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it. Diamine have been on the top of my list of ink brands I was going to look more into after I have used up some of my the ink on my desk. I’m down to two opened bottles now. My interest in shimmer and shading inks probably started with the Tsuki-yo for the shading part, and I got very interested in shimmer when I reviewed J. Read On →

What I expect from an A5 notebook

This is just a short list of what a A5 notebook should be like in order to be the most useful to me Lined or grid I prefer lined for long form writing and dot grid for tasks. Hardcover; because it is much more convenient when I write somewhere I don’t have a flat surface available. At least two markers I prefer three The paper should be good; Leuchtturm1917 or Rhodia quality is the standard I expect. Read On →

Something between the sample and a bottle.

When I want to test an ink, I have two options either I buy or trade a sample or I buy a full bottle. I would probably just get the bottle because it is not THAT expensive. What I want is something bigger than a sample, but smaller than a 50ml bottle. 10 or 15 ml would be perfect. Because a small sample is never enough for me to do a proper test. Read On →

Review: Code & Quill Origin

I received the [Code & Quill Origin](Code & Quill Origin Grey Dotted + Linjert A5 Hardcover Notatbok – Tudos) free of charge from Tudos for the purpose of reviewing it. This is a A5-ish notebook with dot grid on the left side and lined on the right side – what I usually call dual layout. The paper is okay, but it bleeds through a little bit more than I’m used to. Read On →

How do they hold up?

In this post I’m going to take a look how various notebooks I have used hold up in use. How does they look when they are new versus after I’m done with them. Field Notes I think Field Notes are the gold standard for notebooks that look fantastic both new and even better when they show some wear and tear. While I think their design new look good, they are in no way my favourite. Read On →

Tomoe River Paper

This is probably the most impressive kind of paper on the planet. It is super thin, or can take more or less any ink you throw at it; I think I was pouring ink at it at some point. It is the paper used in the Hobonichi Planner. But the other side of the impressive capacity to deal with ink without bleeding through or feathering is that the dry time is very long. Read On →

Some thoughts on cleaning fountain pens.

How much and how often you clean your pens are up to you, but I think it is a good idea to do it now and then. I try to do it myself not every time I refill my pens but every other to every third time. And I only do a full “flush water in and out until its 100% clean” when I change inks. I just flush clean water through the pen a few times before I refill it. Read On →