Four fantastic pen blogs

There are many other great pen blogs out there, this is just a short list with some of my favourites. The Pen Addict. I have been reading The Pen Addict for a long time; I found it when I started to listen to the podcast with the same name. It is a fantastic resource, and I always check up what Brad(or any of the the other contributors) have written about it before buying a new notebook or pen. Read On →

A Beginners Guide to Fountain Pens

I was in the middle of planning a beginners guide to fountain pens; it was one of the posts I was going to have here on day one. Then I found this article from The Pen Addict. So, I deleted it. The following link is a excellent guide into the world of fountain pens. The Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pens (By a True Beginner): I have always loved the look and the mystique of fountain pens. Read On →

Three excellent fountain pens

The first step into fountain pens is both weird and scary, but it is also a lot of fun. I’m going to recommend three different fountain pens that I think are great. Two of them are great cheap pens, while the last one is my favourite pen(it is a little bit expensive). Pilot Metropolitan is the pen I think is the best starter pen out there. Other people disagree, and think pen number two on this list is better. Read On →

Three excellent pens.

The first step beyond what you find in the supply cabinet at work, or the kind of pens you can buy in bulk for not much more than you pay for a cup of coffee, is pens like for example the Pilot G2. I’m going to do a list of my favourite cheap pens at some point. But this is about three very nice pens you could get, that are a little bit, or a lot nicer. Read On →

Field Notes: Practical Applications.

There are many things I love about Field Notes, but there are one thing that is more amusing than anything else, and that is the inside of the backside of the cover. The Practical Applications section. It is such a fantastic combination of good ways to use Field Notes to the most funny and amusing applications ever. All of them are good ways to use the notebooks; some of them are formulated in a more serious tone than others. Read On →


Welcome to The Ink Smudge. This is a site about Stationary, and more specifically about finding the best tools and the best way to use them. I used to write about this every now and then on my personal site, but I never was a fit with the rest of the content. So I decided a few months ago to spin it off, and to create a site just for this stuff. Read On →

Why do I care?

You are probably wondering why I care, if you aren’t already a pen and paper geek. And there are a number of reasons to care. I’m only going into two of them here. The first one is that you take much better care of something you have spent a little bit of money one. I used to be one of the people that lost my pens everywhere. I used to buy cheap pens, and I got a big box of them, and probably lost one more or less every other day. Read On →