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Fjellreven Foldstack No.2
Some modifications to how I bullet Journal
My bullet journal setup
The free IKEA pencil
Lamy 2000 is still the king
My Bullet Journal Setup
Retiring the Hightower
Blackwing Pearl A5 Seed
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Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method
Some thoughts about nibs
Syrringes for refilling
Index Cards. What are they good for?
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Daily Carry
A look at Blackwing after just using the Golden Bear for a while Index Cards.
Nock Co Pencil case
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I got rid of most of my noebooks
Why is the site called The Ink Smudge?
Where I buy stationary in 2018.
My history of pocket pens
144 Golden Bears
How I use pen, pencils and paper in 2018.
Ink Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu
What I do to my pencils
Going with the Golden Bear
The classroom friendly sharpener.
Five step guide to pen addiction
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Soft pencils and broad fountain pen nibs
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The Golden Bear.
The Blackwing 602
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FN-05: The Field Notes Pencil
On why I prefer Iroshizuku
Review: Kaweco Perkeo
Serious considering going back to Iroshizuku
Where does different writing instruments fit in?
On the pens I like
Finding out what I enjoy to use
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Ink Review: Diamine Saphire Blue
Clairefontane Flying Spirit Notebook Review.
To keep or not to keep?
Kum Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener.
Palomino Blackwing.
Using a Iroshizuku bottle as a inkwell.
How I rotate pens
Where to go next?
How things have changed since I got into fountain pens.
What I Carry
Pairing it down even further.
Limiting the number of pens I have in rotation
Removing one notebook.
A Vanishing Point with CON-70?
The Pen Addict 2018 Kickstarter
A good inkwell?
Being left handed.
More retractable fountain pens
Two years have passed.
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Binder Clips
Thick vs thin notebooks
Filling the Vanishing Point
Ink Review
Leuchtturm1917 as the new Moleskine.
Task Management in 2018
My Rules
Hello world!
Another Review of the J. Herbin 1670 Caroube de Chypre
Diamine Tropical Glow
What I expect from an A5 notebook
Something between the sample and a bottle.
How do they hold up?
Tomoe River Paper
Some thoughts on cleaning fountain pens.
When is bad paper a good idea?
Lamy 2000 vs the Pilot Vanishing Point
My notebook system
What is the deal with Pilot and Cartridges?
Pen Addicts Norway
The clear TWSBI ECO.
New pages
How I use the three markers in my Bullet Journal
Three excellent notebooks
The size of ink bottles.
A beginners combo.
A Rhodia re-visit.
Three inks for a very long time.
Piston fillers versus Cartridge converter
Pilot CON-40
Task Management in 2017
New Page
What I use paper for in 2017.
Daily Carry
Ink Bottle Design.
Japanese vs German nibs
Pilot Vanishing Point
My first fountain pen is retired
A review
Bag Philosophy.


Tom Bihn Pilot
Year one
What is convenient isn’t always better.
Why I don’t organise my notebooks.
End of an era, and when I discovered the benefits of handwriting.
We need handwriting.
How to ask the right questions
Small or large?
On when to buy.
Everything matters.
Using a journal to keep track of habit forming.
Ink Review
My New Work Notebook.
Review Field Notes Wooden Archival Box
Where to spend your money.
I Missed a couple of posts.
The difference between bad and different.
Ink hoarding.
The Circle.
Curiosity and expansion
The Ideal number of refills in the MTN.
The Retro 51 “refill”.
Digital or analogue?
Good vs Good Enough
The Journaling Habit.
Rotating inks
Ordering internationally.
Quality as a virtue.
Having a notebook on your desk
On geekdom and why I care about stationary.
Load out
Two Pens.
Finding a place for pen & paper
On Kickstarter pens and notebooks.
Lefties and fountain pens.
Midori Travelers Notebook
Your first fountain pen.
Ink Review
How I pick inks.
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Links of the Week.
On notebooks.
The Finer Point
The Pencilcase Blog
Seaweed Kisses
The Pen Haul
Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Pen Addict Review of the Pilot Stargazer.
Goulet Review of the Lamy Charged Green ink.
Why writing down tasks from your task management app can be a productivity booster.
Load out February 2016.
Fountain Pens for Lefties
Planner Formats | Notebook Stories
What Makes The Stationery Community Great — The Pen Addict
The Pencilcase Blog | Fountain pen, Pencil, Ink and Paper reviews
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Rebranding
Handwriting will not die… | The Cramped
Task Management with pen and paper.
The Pen Addict
Forrest Brazeal
Cursive Logic
Gourmet Pens
The Well-Appointed Desk
Nock Co Lookout — The Finer Point
Reconsidering Moleskine | The Well-Appointed Desk
Pilot Custom Heritage 92 | Calligraphy Nut
TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Review — Pen Addict
Why the Lamy 2000 is My EDC Pen — nib & ink
RelayCon Atlanta
Lamy 2000 Rollerball Review — Pen Addict
Negotiations — Pen Addict
My review of the Pilot Metropolitan
Notebook Stories
Ink Review
The Gentleman Stationer
Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pen Review — Pen Addict
Midori Traveler’s Notebook
My Field Notes Review.
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Lamy Imporium in Black and Gold
Why I Love Steel Nibs – The Pen Addict
My review of the Hobonichi Planner.
Introducing Pen Addict Memberships — Pen Addict
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The Midori Travelers Notebook
Wreck This Journal’ by Keri Smith — Tools and Toys
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50 Used Field Notes
The Case for multiple pens
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TWSBI Diamond 580AL Blue Fountain Pen Review
10 Gifts For The Fountain Pen Enthusiast
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The Finer Point
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The Problem with Fancy Notebooks
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Three excellent pens.
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