My Bullet Journal Setup.

I do most of my capture outside my Bullet Journal system; either in my Field Notes notebook or on Index Cards. But if I do it in my system I usually do it in the “future log” if I do so.

The parts of Bullet Journaling I use is Future Log, Daily Log, the Index and a few Custom Collections. If something can fill up at least half a A5 page I give it a custom collection. For stuff that require a lot of space over short periods like the Daily Log or the Future Log I give 10 pages at a time.
My rule for transitioning stuff is that at least half of a page or double page are transitioned or done.

The setup I currently have is the following:

  • Future log
  • Daily Log
  • Regular books (a list of paper books)
  • Audiobooks (a list of audiobooks)
  • E-books
  • Weightloss (my plan for loosing some weight)
  • Watching (some tv-shows I’m watching)
  • Duolingo (progress plan for my duolingo course)
  • Blog post ideas (blog posts I’m going to write)
  • Packages (stuff I have oredered but have not recieved)
  • Menu (a meal plan me and Ingri wrote down the other night)

All the media stuff are there so that I don’t rack up too many things before I complete what I have started on.

My notebook of choice for bullet journaling is the LT1917 Bullet Journal. It is a A5 notebook, with a DotGrid and three page markers. I use one to mark where the first free spot in the future log, one for the current day in the daily log and the last to the first unallocated page.

My pen of choice is usually either my Pilot Vanishing Point or my Lamy 2000. I have a LT pen loop on my notebook, and I use it when I’m not carrying another pen case.

The ink of choice is of course a Iro.

I always try to move stuff over to the daily log as much as possible to make sure the future log is as small as possible. And I also try to limit the number of pages I have to browse through as much as possible, but always transitioning when around half the times are moved or done. I use more paper, but it feels like I have more control this way.