I don’t usually buy limited edition products, this might be the first time I have done it. The reason I wanted to buy it is the same reason I support The Pen Addict as a member, both on the web site and over at Relay.fm, and because it is the best looking Retro 51 I have ever seen.

This isn’t really the kind of Limited Product that drive me insane, you can get more or less the same thing, the only difference is that it looks different.

The pen looks amazing, and so does the packaging. My favourite design detail is the subtle Pen Addict logo at the top of the pen. I spent a few hours with it when I got it this week(or last week when this is published) and it feel exactly like a Retro 51 should feel. Retro 51 have always had the feeling perfection when you hold the pen and when you twist it.

But the finish of this pen feels much more grippy than the other Retro 51’s I have used, and I like it a lot.

A fantastic pen, and I can’t wait to see what the next Pen Addict Pen will look like.