Curiosity and expansion

July 13, 2016

Hate it, or love it. But you are probably on the way to becoming a stationary geek by buying a fancy notebook or pen. Being on the way doesn’t mean you’ll end up there.

The same thing happens more or less every time something new shows up in your horizon. Something new as a new sub group, within the larger group; this was how I got into fountain pens.

My first reaction is almost always: I don’t need that.

Then I slowly get curious as I am exposed to podcasts and blogs about it.

A lot of stuff never go beyond the curiosity stage, but some of it is something i decide to dip into, and try out. Some of it stick, and others not. But it is more complicated than that.

There are things that you figure out isn’t your thing, and you have the stuff you like, but you don’t go into the “geek” phase. And then you have the stuff you love so much that you go as deep as you need.

It is all about using that curiosity and expanding to figure out what is and isn’t your thing.