The Journaling Habit.

June 29, 2016

One of the things I find very fascinating about journaling is the struggle.

My first attempts at journaling daily started five years ago. I have to a large extent journaled daily since then. What I mean by that is that I have done it more days than I have not.

Journaling and going to the gym is more or less the same struggle for me. I can do it day in and day out for very long periods, and I have no problem with it as long as I pick a interval and a time to do it.

But it becomes hard to start again once I take a short break.

There is no easy way to fix it. You just need to force yourself back in. And set a barrier as low as possible to then start building it up again.

The easiest way to avoid it in the first place is to do everything you can to not stop.