Month: February 2016

Handwriting will not die… | The Cramped

Patrick Rhone: Our children. Mine and yours. All of us who write by hand and advocate its importance and advantages. We who have children will write by hand in front of those children. Through such actions they will learn from us that writing by hand is something one does. We will teach them to do…

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Cursive Logic

The Cursive Logic course looks like the obvious place to start for anyone that want to learn(or re-learn) how to write in cursive. My cursive is horrible, but I prefer to write non-cursive anyways, and I always have. But I might order this course just to get better at reading cursive. For me, the thought…

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Review: The Retro 51.

The first “fancy” pen I ordered from JetPens, after I started to listen to The Pen Addict Podcast, then on the 70Decibels network, was The Retro 51. I fell in love with that pen straight away. It was beautiful, I loved how well it was built, and most of all how the writing experience was.…

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