Month: January 2016

Review: TWSBI Eco — Alt. Haven

Alt. Haven:: Conclusion: The TWSBI Eco, Eco short for Economical, is a value for money piston filler fountain pen. If you are looking to dip your toes into the world of piston filling fountain pens, the TWSBI Eco is a great place to start. I wouldn’t recommend the TWSBI Eco to be a starter fountain…

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My review of the Hobonichi Planner.

I started using my new 2016 Hobonichi Planner almost a week ago, this review have been on the list for a while now. One month, at least. The story of how I ended up with the Hobonichi Planner starts in the middle of January, when I realized that my digital calendar system didn’t work at…

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Review: Lamy 2000

This review have been in the making for a very long time. I got my Lamy 2000 January 5th 2015. It have been and continue to be my favourite pen to this day. I think it is more or less perfect. I got my first fountain pen right before the easter of 2013. It all…

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