This review have been in the making for a very long time. I got my Lamy 2000 January 5th 2015. It have been and continue to be my favourite pen to this day. I think it is more or less perfect.

I got my first fountain pen right before the easter of 2013. It all started when I ordered a Pilot Metropolitan from JetPens, when I ordered some notebooks. And then I got a Lamy Safari when I ordered some other stuff a few weeks later. That was the moment I got hooked on using fountain pens, and I have written countless pages with both of them. And fountain pens have been my primary writing instrument ever since.

My first impression was that the grip section on the Pilot Metropolitan was far superior to the moulded grip section of the Lamy Safari, but I found the nib of the Lamy to be much more enjoyable, and silky smooth.

I continued to use them both for around a year, before I started to look into getting something nicer. The process involved looking at more or less every single fountain pen up to $200 at both JetPens and GouletPens. One of the first pens I looked at was the Lamy 2000. And I knew when I first looked at it that this would be the pen.

The pen screams everything I like. It has a beautiful understated design that says: quality, great taste and brilliant design and engineering. It doesn’t look like any other pen I have seen before or after.

My Lamy 2000 was the only pen I used(except for when it runs out of ink), until I got my TWSBI 580AL a few weeks ago, and these days I either pick up the 580AL or the 2000. It always starts writing instantly, it holds a lot of ink it is very light, while it at the same time feels well built. The nib is very smooth, and comfortable to write with, when you learn to know the nib a little bit. I don’t think it took me more than a half hour, tops.

I love my 580, but the only pen where I look for stuff to write is the Lamy 2000. I just love writing with it.

There is one thing that I’m not so fund about, when it comes to the Lamy 2000 compared to for example my TWSBI 580AL, and that is that it seems like it always leaks a little bit ink into the cap. Not a big issue, but still annoying.

This is a pen that everyone that are into fountain pens should own. Most pen have a lot of if’s when it comes to if you should buy one or not. The only other pen I know about that is such a no brainer as the Lamy 2000 is the Retro 51. There is one if though: find out what kind of nib size you prefer before buying it. Because you are stuck with it.