The months go by, and you order some stuff here, and pick up some stuff there, but what do I really think about all the different stuff I have been buying this year?


  • Lamy 2000 – Medium Nib. I love more or less everything about this pen. The nib is fantastic, it holds a lot of ink, looks great and is very comfortable to write with, even for long periods.

  • TWSBI 580AL – Medium Nib. This is a newcomer to my collection. I like it – a lot. As with my Lamy, it holds a lot of ink, is very comfortable to write with, even for longer periods, when you get used to how slippery the grip section is. The nib isn’t as smooth as the gold nib of my Lamy, but it is very good in a different way.


  • Leuchtturm1917. I don’t know why, the paper quality is great, and it looks great; but it never clicked with me, like some of the other stuff I use all the time did. Don’t get me wrong, it is great, but not just for me.

  • Field Notes Kraft Edition. I have kept at least one of them in my back pocket since I got my first three pack. I just use the heck of them.

  • Hobonichi Planner. This planner is more or less perfect. I think that this is the perfect planner for most people.

  • Midori Travelers Notebook. I love this thing. It is so fantastic. It is the perfect thing in between Field Notes and the next thing on this list. I love how great it looks, how good the paper quality is, and how you can trully turn it into something special.

  • Various no-name big A4 Notebooks. I have been using some huge black A4 notebooks with thick paper for a while now. They are great for everything except portability. They are so heavy.


  • Lamy Black. I got a bottle of the standard Lamy black ink when I bought my Lamy 2000. I’m not a big fan of the color or how it performs. But I keep to have something for when I run out ink.

  • Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi. I love this ink. The color is amazing, and the bottle is beautiful. The dry time is a little bit too long for my taste. This is the ink I currently ink up all of my pens with.

  • Noodler’s Bernanke Black. This is one of my favourite inks, it was the only thing I used from I got my Lamy 2000 until the bottle was empty. The color is pretty good, and the dry time is fantastic.

What is up for 2016?

  • I’m going to explore more ink colors, especially in the Pilot Iroshizuku line.

  • I’m going to buy one more fountain pens.

  • The main goal of 2016 is to look into accessories for my MTN and to find out what I want to do with it, beyond basic long form writing.

  • I’m also going to get a new bag.