This is my first loadout posts. I was planning to do one last month, but never go around to it. My daily carry stuff this month contain a few new items.

  • Field Notes is as always the corner stone of my note taking and productivity; I use them for shorter notes and tasks.

  • Hobonichi Planner 2015 is the second and last part of my productivity. I have used this baby since the beginning of March. I use it to keep track of meetings, other events and the most important tasks; in other words: the high level stuff that I absolutely need to complete at any given day. I also use it to write up monthly goals. I ordered the 2015 version a week ago.

  • Pilot Metropolitain(I think it is a medium nib, but I got it back when there was only one kind of nib for it). I’m not using this pen at lot anymore. But it is still the pen I reach for when the two following items run out of ink.

  • Lamy 2000: medium nib this have been the pen that I have written 99% of everything I have written in 2015. I use it a little bit less at the moment, because I just got the next pen on the list. But this will remain one of my go to pens.

  • All of the three pens above is inked up with: Pilot Take-sumi. I usually use one ink until I run out. I got this ink two days ago, and I think it is great.

  • TWSBI Diamond 580AL Silver: medium nib this have been my go to pen since I got it two days ago. And I love almost everything about it.

  • Hightower: this thing is just fantastic. I bring it everywhere, it is always filled up with three pens(the three pens above) and three Field Notes.

  • Midori Travelers Notebook: with lined refills. This became my new favourite notebook within minutes after packing it up. I love how it looks, and everything else about it. I use it for journaling, and everything else I write long form.