The Pen Habit:

There is no doubt that the Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel is a pretty, and exceptionally well-built pen with a nice nib, a big ink capacity, and a nearly tactical feel to it. In my mind, however, it simply is not worth double the cost of the original. If you’re a writer who just loves that stainless steel finish, or you like the Lamy 2000 but wish it had more weight, give the Stainless Steel version a try. Otherwise, I’d stick with the classic Makrolon version. It’s a much better buy.

I love it when a review answers exactly the thing I am wondering about. This one does exactly that. I love my Lamy 2000, and I’m very happy I went for the cheaper Makrolon version. Heavy pens are a pain in the ass during long writing sessions.